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Guru Minute Video: Introducing Juvare’s New EMSupply, with Max Wippich

In this month’s Guru Minute video, we speak to another Juvare expert about the new EMSupply solution.

Max Wippich, Director of Client Experience for Public Health and Healthcare, explains how EMSupply was built from the ground up as a public health and medical inventory management system, including the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) operations.

In the video, Wippich says EMSupply helps keep track of any items that might be needed for public health preparedness or medical response, including pharmaceuticals, assets, inventory, equipment, personal protective gear.

Juvare took great efforts to learn the pain points of healthcare and public health clients, and to develop a dedicated solution that addresses those needs, according to Wippich.

“We’ve been thinking about asset inventory management for a long time. We’ve kept an eye and close pulse on the market and we’ve looked at what competitors are doing with asset and inventory management in the public health and healthcare space,” he said. “Something we’ve seen over time, there just hasn’t traditionally been a good solution that’s tied specifically to the public health and medical domain, and the strategic national stockpile workflow. And we wanted to take a different look and make something that was intuitive and integrated with the Juvare platform and bring that to market.”

Wippich explains that the new solution is easy to learn, integrates with other Juvare solutions, and includes a mobile app for real time data delivery and collaboration.

“I believe EMSupply is poised to solve, once and for all, the challenges with standardizing and managing assets and inventory for public health and medical programs,” Wippich added. “And I’m tremendously excited that we’re solving for it in a way that’s integrated with the rest of the Juvare platform and built in a way that’s specific to the public health and medical workflows that our clients need.”

Click here to learn more about EMSupply or to request a demo.


The Guru Minute video series is inspired by one of the most popular features of Juvare’s annual Exchange conference – the “Guru Lounge” – where participants have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Juvare’s solutions experts and gain specific knowledge about emergency and critical incident management technology.

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