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Guru Minute Video: Matt Cronin – Using Crisis Management Solutions for Large-Scale Planned Events

In this month’s Guru Minute video, we spoke to Matt Cronin, Director of Solutions Architecture at Juvare, who talks about how organizations use Juvare’s crisis management solutions to prepare for and respond to any incidents that might occur at large-scale planned events like concerts, festivals, sporting events, marathons, etc.

The monthly Guru Minute videos are inspired by one of the most popular features of Juvare’s annual Exchange conference – the “Guru Lounge” – where participants can meet one-on-one with Juvare’s solutions experts and gain specific knowledge about critical incident management technology.

Juvare Guru Minute: Matt Cronin

My name is Matt Cronin. I’m the director of solutions architecture for Juvare. I help new and existing clients just see how our technology can be used to help manage their business problems.

How can critical incident platforms be used during large scale planned events?

Critical incident management solutions such as the ones that Juvare offers can be used to manage not only natural and man-made disasters, but also special events. So things such as large sporting events, marathons and things of that nature.

With planned events, you have the advantage of knowing a lot of information before the incident occurs so you typically know how many attendees will be there, you can pre-position resources and personnel. You can do a lot of planning in advance of that incident, compared to unplanned events such as a hurricane or tornado. A lot of times our clients are using our technology to manage logistics, manage their personnel, their resources, have a common operating picture of where those things are. And everything is updating real time, so you know at any given moment where your resources are and how to manage them more effectively

Our solutions are also highly configurable, so if we need to integrate with other platforms, other systems, we can do that very easily, and really to have the right system to meet the needs of any particular client regardless of size or scale.

What types of events have used Juvare’s solutions?

Juvare solutions are used all around the world to manage planned events.

We have a great partnership with the city of Atlanta. Juvare solutions were used during the Super Bowl (LIII in Atlanta) to manage various events that were occurring in our community here. It’s also used to manage special events such as marathons, various other events that are occurring, college football championships, and that’s just in the city here.

The city of Boston and the surrounding area there use it every year for the Boston Marathon. These are just a couple examples of how Juvare solutions are used to manage different types of information during planned or special events.

How does Juvare help?

We’ve been doing this for a long time. We have a lot of expertise and we work hand in hand with our clients. So when there’s large events like the Superbowl, we have personnel often there onsite with our clients to help support those incidents and have a direct connection back to our larger support and development teams if there’s additional needs for customization or developing things on the fly, and working as partners with our clients to ensure those events are successful, and that the communities are safe.

what's your plan using a critical incident management platform for planned events

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