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Juvare Exchange Revolutionizes Critical Incident Management

Juvare Exchange is Here

The future of critical incident management is here! Like every great advancement in technology, Juvare Exchange opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Next week is the release of Juvare Exchange, the first-of-its-kind collaborative incident management network connecting the public, private and healthcare sectors in real time.

Juvare Exchange is a game changer in how you prepare for the unexpected – breaking down barriers across jurisdictional and geographic borders, connecting shared critical data, and offering the most comprehensive, accurate and consistent Common Operating Picture (COP) available.

Until now, effective critical incident response has suffered from being far too siloed, with coordination between agencies and departments remaining a major challenge. Juvare Exchange changes all that, opening the channels of communication and collaboration, enhancing the ability to share information and resources, while facilitating faster and broader access by standardizing methods of sharing data across sectors and between levels of government.

Juvare Exchange is hosted in the cloud and accessible any time, on any device. The real-time dashboard, giving users the most comprehensive, accurate, and consistent common operating picture (COP) possible, as well as:

  • map views
  • aggregated third-party data and relevant analytics and insights
  • ability to access and share data securely, selectively, and collectively
  • ability to share information and communicate with the entire Juvare Exchange community, or with participants you select
  • greater awareness of available resources, accelerates mutual aid, and allows automated responses.
  • external data including:
  • weather alerts from the National Weather Service
  • shelters from the National Shelter System
  • health advisories from CDC HAN
  • traffic/Road Status from
  • retail store status from SABER

How Does Juvare Exchange Work?

The key to Juvare Exchange is its unprecedented ability to standardize data across applications. By subscribing to Juvare Exchange, users become members of the overall Juvare Exchange Community, allowing them to collaborate and engage with other members of the community. Users can access or share information and communicate with other users seamlessly.

Juvare Exchange can be added to the current plan of existing Juvare users and will be standard for all new Juvare customers.

Above all, Juvare Exchange allows emergency management professionals to make more informed and precise decisions, resulting in a quicker, more effective response, in order to save lives, minimize damage to property, and help communities respond to and recover from critical incidents.

Find out more about how Juvare Exchange is changing how Emergency Management is done – and how your organization can benefit from this groundbreaking solution. Contact us here to learn more or to schedule a demonstration.

Written by

Akshay Birla

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