Juvare Actively Recruits Professional Healthcare Volunteers to Support Hurricane Response

ATLANTA, Ga. – Juvare personnel have mobilized to help clients and their communities connect to the human and physical resources they need to prepare for the pending impact of Hurricane Florence, in addition to any others that may follow this hurricane season. One such critical need is enlisting, registering and credentialing professional healthcare volunteers, whose skills and expertise are required to support all aspects of response, from all-important medical tasks—evaluations, vaccinations, and distribution of medications—to filling the occasional sandbag, among other vital tasks.

Juvare’s CORES RMS solution, a registration and credentialing platform, is in use in 35 states and U.S. territories. CORES RMS adheres to the Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP), a federal program designed to standardize volunteer registration for disasters as well as public health and medical emergencies.

The solution’s comprehensive credentialing system ensures volunteers and disaster responders are appropriately trained and qualified to respond based on their expertise and certifications. Verifying volunteer backgrounds and professional licenses is critical to ensuring those signed up to provide medical care, for example, are properly trained and licensed. And, the solution is also designed to recruit and validate other volunteers who can serve in many types of support roles, including administration, animal control, social services, ministerial, transportation, and much more.

The U.S. is no stranger to weather events, and even the most seasoned first responders and emergency managers know they need support. Volunteers are integral to managing and recovering from any crisis, and recruitment will most likely be ongoing as associated events evolve over time. With the potential for increased flooding and flash floods, Florence’s impact could be felt for a long time after the storm passes. Shared resources and mutual aid will be critical.

 “We take pride in doing everything we can to ensure our people and technology help steer the best outcomes during large-scale events such as Hurricane Florence,” says Sam Klietz, Chief Client Officer, Juvare. “We care deeply for the safety of everyone affected by these unpredictable events and want our clients and their communities to know we have their backs 24/7.”

Health and medical professionals, as well as other types of volunteers, can sign up directly on each state’s registry of volunteers by clicking the links below.