Juvare enables volunteer registration during Hurricane Lane

ATLANTA, Ga. –  With recent unpredictable weather events—wildfires, volcanic eruptions, flooding and now Hurricane Lane—causing challenges for communities from the Western mainland U.S. to Hawaii and beyond, Juvare connects individuals, agencies and businesses to the critical resources they need before, during and after disasters. One such need is support for registering and credentialing professional healthcare volunteers.

Professional healthcare volunteers are crucial to managing any crisis, and ongoing recruitment is sometimes necessary for long periods of time, as in the case of the California wildfires. The impact of Hurricane Lane could be felt for a long time after the storm passes with the potential for increased flooding and landslides as well.

Professional volunteers are in high demand because of their ability to provide medical evaluations, give vaccinations and distribute medications, among others. Juvare’s registration and credentialing platform (CORES) supports agencies in more than 38 states, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico, in getting volunteers registered and credentialed quickly and accurately to ensure these vital needs are fulfilled. CORES adheres to the Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP), a federal program designed to standardize volunteer registration for disasters and public health and medical emergencies.

Additionally, Juvare’s comprehensive credentialing system ensures volunteers and disaster responders are appropriately trained and qualified to respond at the appropriate level based on their skills and certifications. Verifying licenses is necessary to eliminate problems that may prevent mobilization of volunteers during a crisis.

The Nā Lima Kāko’o online registration system, supported by Juvare technology, is recruiting responders willing to serve throughout the hurricane event and in case of other disasters. “We encourage healthcare professionals to register online as the need in Hawaii is still great and to keep checking back regularly,” says John DeGrandpre, Senior Vice President Operations, Juvare. “The registration and credentialing process is efficient and takes little time. On behalf of our clients, we thank all volunteers for their service during this time of need.”

Keeping people informed with accurate updates is imperative during this time as well. Juvare also supports the Hawaii Health Alert Network to help communicate emerging health threats that could impact the island in the wake of Hurricane Lane, such as boil orders or disease outbreaks. 

 “We may not be able to change the course of events, but we can do everything we can to ensure our actions, our people and our technology help steer the best outcomes during these very difficult situations,” says Robert (Bob) Watson, CEO, Juvare. “We care deeply for the safety of everyone affected by this crisis and stand by our clients at all times.”

Written by

Juvare Staff

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