Juvare Participates in the Pope’s Historic Visit to Lithuania

KAUNAS, Lithuania – It’s not every day the pope comes to town. This year, Pope Francis will visit the city of Kaunas, in south-central Lithuania, to meet with representatives from local groups and communities. In addition to formal ceremonies with religious, civil and diplomatic leaders, the pope is meeting with young people and paying his respects to significant cultural touchpoints by visiting the former Jewish ghetto and the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights.

The president of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, announced that the Pope’s visit “is a very special message and gift to Lithuania.” She is scheduled to meet with the pope to discuss the challenges that Lithuania, as well as communities around the world, face today. Grybauskaitė described the pope’s visit as “an event of historic significance“.

Giedrius Meskauskas, senior business analyst at Juvare, will be on hand September 22 and 23 during the pope’s visit. Meskauskas is providing event support as the preparedness and medical response manager. “Initially, I volunteered to help with first aid training,” said Meskauskas. Following review of the event plan, Meskauskas offered extensive feedback that demonstrated his expertise in the field of incident management. He was asked to participate in further planning and agreed to assist with the coordination of medical planning and response. Meskauskas went on to say, “It is a true honor and I am excited to serve.”

The pope’s visit is expected to be the largest event in Lithuania this year. Meskauskas stated that the event in Kaunas will be staffed with 50 medics, including doctors, nurses and paramedics, and over 600 volunteers from Kaunas EMS, the Lithuanian Rifleman Union and religious communities. “Local EMS agencies and volunteers will be on site to give medical assistance to event participants if needed. We are so glad our people can be of service,” adds Juvare’s Vice President of Technology Rolandas Kicas.

“We could not be more proud of our employees and their desire to support this tremendous community initiative and epic historic event,” says Juvare’s CEO Robert (Bob) Watson. “We are committed to helping ensure the safety of all participants.” Juvare is proud to support Meskauskas as he demonstrates his EMS skills and incident management expertise while serving his community.

In Lithuania and Atlanta, Juvare is firmly committed to elevating community outreach in the coming years. In parallel to Meskauskas’ efforts, several Juvare managers and co-workers are volunteering at The RACE on October 12-14, 2018, in Atlanta. Juvare is also supporting The RACE with an instance of their people and patient tracking software, EMTrack, and training medical personnel to use the software for managing any possible medical situations that occur at the event.

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