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Juvare Partners with WeatherOptics to Enhance Critical Workflow Solutions with Predictive Weather Insights

ATLANTA, December 14, 2023Juvare®, the leading provider of enterprise resilience and critical incident management software, today announced a new partnership with WeatherOptics™, a cutting-edge weather intelligence platform, to provide predictive weather insights to emergency managers and business continuity professionals.

By leveraging WeatherOptics’ AI technology, users of Juvare’s WebEOC® preparedness and response solution can now access crucial weather insights, preempting and managing high-impact events like hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and extreme temperatures. WeatherOptics uses machine learning to translate weather data into actionable insights that allow organizations to focus on exception management. Their proprietary Impact Risk Scores offer a comprehensive understanding of how weather and climate can affect key operations as a result of power outages, flooding, property damage, wildfires, road closures, and other disruptions. These insights can now be incorporated into a variety of existing WebEOC workflows through the newly released WeatherOptics JX Connector, one of many ready-to-use integrations in Juvare’s JX Connect™ library of rapid integration microservices that are designed to seamlessly automate the flow of data from external systems into and out of Juvare solutions.

Juvare excels in fortifying organizational resilience, ensuring rapid access to the resources, data, and collaborative support that are essential for both operational continuity and effective recoveries following disasters and other critical incidents. With a presence spanning 25 countries and all 50 U.S. states, Juvare serves an extensive array of institutions, including 3,500 U.S. hospitals, 30,000 healthcare facilities, over 50 U.S. federal agencies, 600 emergency management agencies, and 80 corporations.

“Our partnership with WeatherOptics solidifies our dedication to elevating critical workflow management for our clients,” remarked Jeff Telford, Juvare’s Chief Product Officer. “The new WeatherOptics JX Connector will swiftly integrate specialized weather insights and predictive forecasts from WeatherOptics to empower our users in proactive readiness and efficient response to diverse weather challenges. JX Connect’s robust microservice architecture is built to facilitate seamless turnkey integrations exactly like this, rapidly enhancing situational awareness without requiring a significant investment in time or resources—a contrast to the intricate nature of traditional third-party integrations.”

WeatherOptics’ CEO and co-founder Scott Pecoriello highlighted the benefits of the platform’s AI-driven insights: “Our predictive models are unique because they consider more than just weather. They merge real industry impact data with actionable intelligence, offering a comprehensive view of a region’s susceptibility to various weather conditions and forecasting effects on key locations and shipments. Teaming up with Juvare guarantees that our joint solution will equip users to confidently handle any weather-related situation.”

About Juvare

Juvare is a worldwide leader in critical workflow software. Juvare solutions empower government agencies, corporations, healthcare facilities, academic institutions, and nonprofit groups to leverage real-time data to manage incidents faster and more efficiently, protecting people, property, and brands. For more information, visit

About WeatherOptics

WeatherOptics leads the weather intelligence domain, providing companies with actionable forecasts and insights that elevate visibility into critical business operations. Their fusion of predictive weather with industry impact data amplifies the value of weather insights, empowering businesses to navigate weather-related challenges effectively. Established in 2019, WeatherOptics caters to global data needs, supporting some of the world’s largest enterprises in safely navigating adverse weather conditions. For more information about the company’s solutions for supply chain management, emergency management, power and utilities, finance, and more, visit

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