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Safe! Emergency Management Agencies in both World Series Cities are Using WebEOC to Protect Fans

When it comes to keeping big events safe, WebEOC is a big hit with emergency management agencies all over the world.

This time, Juvare solutions are being used to cover all the bases for preparedness, situational awareness, and incident management during the Major League Baseball World Series games between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals.

The first two games of the best-of-seven series were played at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, and the next three at Nationals Park in Washington DC. The sixth, and, if necessary, the seventh game will return to Houston.

In Houston, the a number of state and local agencies are using WebEOC, and in Washington DC, Juvare solutions, including WebEOC, are being used by the city, as well as various federal agencies to plan for and respond to any incidents at the three games there.

The games draw tens of thousands of visitors from outside the metropolitan areas so naturally, safety is of the highest importance. WebEOC helps emergency management agencies maintain situational awareness during games, but also plan, monitor, and respond to any incidents and events related to the series.


Similarly, state, local, and federal agencies used WebEOC during Super Bowl LIII in February 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia to monitor traffic and road closures, persons of interest, VIP events, unauthorized drones, suspicious packages, air quality, and more. Juvare solutions also gave emergency managers unprecedented situational awareness of the locations and activities of all emergency medical, law enforcement, fire, waste management and other key personnel. [Watch our video to see how WebEOC was used during Super Bowl LIII]

WebEOC is being used in much the same way at the World Series games.

By definition, a large-scale planned event is a non-routine occurrence that has the potential to put a strain on community resources, might involve large numbers of people, may necessitate coordination between many agencies, and likely requires special permitting and additional planning, preparation, and mitigation, according to FEMA.

WebEOC gives agencies the ability to leverage a common operating picture connecting all stakeholders including fire, law enforcement, medical first responders, local hospitals, and other agencies so they can mitigate risks, prepare for, and respond to any incident quickly and effectively.


How does an emergency management solution like WebEOC hit for the cycle in ensuring safety at a big event like The World Series?

  • Single: Planning and preparation. A critical incident management platform gives event planners and communities the capability to plan, identify, and prepare for incidents or potential threats that could occur.
  • Double: Situational Awareness. Using a critical incident management platform offers an accurate, comprehensive “Common Operating Picture” which allows allocation of strategic resources and better, more precise decision-making regarding incidents occurring during the event
  • Triple: Seamless Communication. A critical incident management platform for a large-scale event delivers up-to-date, real-time, accurate, and consistent information that’s available to the people who need it, when they need it.
  • Home Run: Incident Response. A critical incident management platform empowers emergency managers to respond quickly to any incident, large or small, within the event is key to protecting the health and safety of attendees and the general public.

So, while everyone pulls for their favorite team, at Juvare we know the MVPs are the emergency personnel who are out in the field working to keep everyone safe.



Written by

Akshay Birla

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