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The 3rd Annual Juvarees Client Award Winners Are In!

On October 28, we held our 3rd Annual Juvarees Client Awards to close our first full day of exchange2020. The Juvarees were created to recognize the great achievements in emergency preparedness and response across emergency management, healthcare, public health, government sectors, corporations, and more.



With 2020 unfolding the way it has, there was no shortage of deserving award winners. All of our clients have faced unprecedented struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, a busier-than-usual hurricane season, wildfires spreading across the West coast and more. Many of these struggles are ongoing, but we felt the need to pause and acknowledge the amazing work that the Juvare Community™ is doing. Here are the highlights.


2020 Exceptional Response Award

Every Juvare client was in the running for this award. We have been amazed and inspired by what has been accomplished in the face of 2020. With that being said, we had to put our heads together and narrow down the winners to two.

Winner: Colby Maxwell, FL Division of Emergency Management
Since the beginning of the year, Colby has managed Florida’s WebEOC to respond to both hurricanes and COVID-19. In doing so, he assisted thousands of users that rely on Florida’s WebEOC system so that their response could be more effective and efficient.

Winner: City of Beverly Hills, CA
In late 2019, the city began working with Juvare Dedicated Services. Projects were planned out for 12 months, and a lot of that work had begun. Then COVID-19 arrived and brought a hard stop to that planning. Leveraging the flexibility of Juvare Dedicated Services, the City of Beverly Hills worked to pivot to react quickly and create many new processes on the fly to respond to the new challenges they faced.


2020 Best Client Led Users Group

This award recognizes how the sharing of knowledge and information about Juvare solutions helps users around the world prepare and respond to emergencies more effectively.

Winner: Graham Jessiman, WebEOC Advisory Group (WAG)
“I’ll be honest. We talked about this one and this year it was pretty easy. All I had to do was look at my inbox about 4 times a day and we really found the answer to who is deserving of this.” – Mike Resto, Director of Client Success, Juvare. That pretty much sums it up.


2020 Best Daily Usage of a Juvare Solution

This award highlights the commitment to use Juvare solutions every day to efficiently respond to any sort of request, critical incident, emergency or disaster.

Winner: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
This agency used EMTrack for patient transports, eICS for managing incidents and EMResource for fastidiously capturing every piece of possible data on long-term care facilities and hospitals to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


2020 Helping Hand Award

Many enhancements that we make to our products come directly from our clients. This award recognizes those that make the Juvare Community™ stronger by sharing insights and use cases from Juvare applications.

Winner: Levi Claussen, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare
With outstanding accomplishments and growth with the EMResource platform, Levi provides valuable leadership and direction to the state’s public health and preparedness program.

Winner: Ben Merin, Sacramento County Department of Health Services
Ben is a valuable stakeholder that makes the community stronger. He is a resource to peers and a source of fresh and candid feedback to the Juvare team.

Winner: Henry Pazos, U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration
Henry is a relentless advocate of WebEOC within the Department of Energy. He currently oversees 2 emergency operations centers and has made himself available to multiple DoE sites to share his WebEOC insights.


2020 Juvare Champion

Three clients are being awarded this high honor for their tireless fortitude, adaptability and bold leadership.

Winner: Don Stewart, CoreCivic
With nearly 40 years of experience in public and private correctional service, Don had the ability to recognize and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and to secure the support necessary to execute the vision.

Winner: Martin Ritchey, Capital Area Council of Governments
Martin helped address serious gaps in their WebEOC implementation and worked closely with Juvare to right the ship. WebEOC is now an essential part of their preparedness and response efforts.

Winner: Al Kaminsky, Architect of the Capitol
Al used the capabilities of WebEOC and integration with ArcGIS to pioneer and continually evolve the emergency preparedness and response abilities of the organization. He increased the agency’s WebEOC functionality even further to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


2020 William Ryan Honorary Award for Excellence

William “Bill” Ryan was a career first responder from New York. He was one of the original responders on 9/11. After 9/11, he would go on to start a company dedicated to making EMS care more efficient. He would later bring that business into the Juvare family. That company was Fleeteyes.

Bill passed away 2 years ago due to complications from exposure at ground zero. Many at Juvare worked closely with Bill over the years and specifically recall his commitment and dedication to the causes he cared deeply about. This award is meant to remember William Ryan as well as recognize someone who currently exhibits the same sort of commitment and dedication.

Winner: Dana Birnberg, Center for Health Emergency Preparedness and Response, Texas Department of State Health Services
Dana is in charge of hospital preparedness and oversees several of their applications including EMResource. Her passion to keep things as easy as possible for those that enter and process data in the system is impressive and admirable.


The Juvare family congratulates everyone on their accomplishments this year and for their continued dedication to helping the communities they serve. You have all proven once again that our clients are a community of battle-tested professionals. We look forward to continuing to work alongside you in the critically important work you do!

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