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Understanding the 2024 Health Cyberattack Landscape: Securing Our Healthcare Systems

Understanding the 2024 Health Cyberattack Landscape: Securing Our Healthcare Systems

Understanding the 2024 Health Cyberattack Landscape

Recent cyberattacks have underscored the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures in the healthcare sector. In early May 2024, a major US healthcare network faced a severe cyberattack that forced the diversion of ambulances from several hospitals and disrupted electronic health records, phone systems, and ordering processes for tests, procedures, and medications. This incident involved a nonprofit network with over 100 hospitals and nearly 50 senior living facilities highlights the urgent need for advanced cybersecurity solutions.

The Impact of Cyberattacks on Healthcare

The cyberattack which has been attributed to the Black Basta ransomware group, exemplifies the escalating threat to healthcare organizations. Ransomware attacks like these lock computers and steal data for extortion, severely impacting healthcare operations. The Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center recently issued a warning about the accelerated attacks by Black Basta on the healthcare sector, affecting organizations in both the US and Europe.

Juvare’s Commitment to Cybersecurity in Healthcare

In response to these evolving threats, Juvare is dedicated to ensuring that healthcare systems are well-protected and prepared. Our suite of solutions, including WebEOC, eICS, EMResource, and are designed to enhance cybersecurity, streamline incident management, and ensure resilient operations during cyber incidents.

How Juvare Solutions Enhance Cybersecurity

eICS: Electronic Incident Command System

  • Streamlined Incident Management: eICS automates workflows and standardizes communication, supporting efficient response efforts during cyber incidents.
  • Notify and Deploy: Launch critical communications instantly, gather team availability, and make informed deployment decisions to maintain operational continuity.
  • Mobile Incident Command: Perform critical tasks using the eICS smartphone app, ensuring connectivity and coordination even during system downtimes.

EMResource: Emergency Resource Management

  • Holistic Resource Management: Gain insights into healthcare infrastructure capabilities to identify the best-equipped facilities for patient care, even during cyber disruptions.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Monitor emergency department status and patient throughput, directing ambulances to the most suitable hospitals.

EMTrack: Patient and Population Tracking

  • Improved Event Coordination: Track patients and populations across events, ensuring accurate data capture and efficient care delivery during cyber incidents.
  • Inbound Patient Coordination: Notify hospitals in advance of high-risk patients, enabling proactive resource mobilization.

Preparing for Cyber Threats

Preparation remains the best defense against cyber threats. Healthcare organizations must adopt advanced technologies and best practices to safeguard their systems. Juvare’s solutions provide the real-time data and collaborative tools necessary for effective cybersecurity and incident management.

Engage with Juvare for Cybersecurity Excellence

As the healthcare sector faces increasing cyber threats, we encourage all healthcare organizations to engage with Juvare to learn more about our cybersecurity solutions. Juvare’s products are at the forefront of delivering critical support to protect against cyber threats, ensuring the safety and security of healthcare operations. With Juvare’s advanced solutions and a proactive approach to cybersecurity, we can collectively enhance our ability to face one of the most formidable challenges in healthcare today. “Having a 3rd party solution, like Juvare, that can bridge the daily operational gaps on a network other than your own is extremely valuable when internal IT systems are impacted” -Dave Wojs, Senior Director, Public Health & Healthcare at Juvare

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