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Western Australia unifies emergency response with Juvare Fusion

Guest blog: Phil Hanson, Co-Managing Director, Chief Client Officer, Juvare Asia Pacific

There is an expectation from government and the public alike that emergency services and support agencies will work together in the response to incidents and events that impact lives and property. Every Australian State and Territory has previously conducted a review or inquiry into ideal emergency response with similar recommendations; the need for agencies to share incident information to provide a common operating picture and ensure the efficient, timely and effective use of resources to help communities respond and recover from major incidents and events.

In reality, most agencies work on separate systems that do not connect with other systems and work in silos. Agencies find it hard to share information – when they do, it is often outdated or no longer relevant. The need for a highly configurable yet integrated platform was never more critical than in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Agencies need a system that can be configured for their specific use whilst still being able to connect to other agencies.

Western Australia elected to work with Juvare to utilize the WebEOC incident and information management system by Juvare for the State’s response to COVID-19. The State needed a platform that could connect all agencies using WebEOC and also include other agencies involved in the response that didn’t have an incident management system.

The State implemented and used Juvare’s WebFusion, a highly secure system that connected all agencies currently using WebEOC, whilst allowing support agencies to use the State WebEOC platform. Each agency could configure their WebEOC system specifically to their requirements, whilst being able to connect to the State Fusion platform to share daily updates and situational reports.

This was the first time in Australia that 30 agencies were able to manage their own response whilst being able to instantly share information across all agencies and to the State response team.

To learn more about how Juvare can help you connect and communicate across the emergency service agencies in your state contact the Juvare Asia Pacific team today on 1800 JUVARE (1800 588 273) or visit  https://www.juvare.com/webeoc/

Juvare Asia Pacific

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