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WebEOC Campus Makes Returning to Campus From COVID-19 Less Stressful for Staff and Students

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The COVID-19 pandemic is slowly getting under control, and with vaccines now available for many, educators are preparing for the new normal on campus. With the pandemic not yet over, safely opening your doors requires special attention and detail.

In our webinar, “Essential Workflows and Capabilities to Manage a Safe Return to Campus,” we hear from Matt Cronin, Juvare’s Director of Solutions Architecture. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University, Cronin is a Certified WebEOC Administrator and Professional Emergency Manager who has spent nearly seven years at Juvare, first as a product manager and then in his current role for over two years. Before this, Cronin worked for Palm Beach County, Florida, where he served in various emergency management positions.

In the webinar, you’ll learn more about how our WebEOC Campus emergency management software helps educators and students safely return to campus and see a demo of the software in action.


Don’t have time to watch the webinar? We’ve provide a synopsis below you can read through to get the big idea!

Who is Juvare?

For nearly 20 years, Juvare has been a leading provider of preparedness and response management software solutions. No matter the stakeholder, we’re dedicated to making it easier for companies and organizations to share and visualize preparedness and response for day-to-day and unexpected incidents to complex and long-term disaster situations.

Today, Juvare is helping over 3,500 hospitals and more than 500 emergency management operations in multiple countries and all 50 states. Additionally, more than 50 federal departments and agencies, 42 state public health agencies, and hundreds of corporations and private sector clients use our tools. On the education front, we have over 30 partners and counting.

WebEOC Campus

We’ve created emergency preparedness and response solutions that improve operations. Included here are turn-key pandemic-specific components such as contact tracing and case management with everything designed to ensure compliance with data controls and security standards. We offer accelerated training that can have you up and running in under four weeks.

Access and Customization

Our system is cloud-hosted, making it accessible on nearly any device with a web browser, and mobile-friendly with our WebEOC iOS and Android-based mobile apps. Users can find essential contact information and a summary of critical metrics displays in both text and chart formats.

We understand that every organization is different, this is why we offer several layers of customization. These include creating new templates and reports and allowing end-users to adjust the home screen to contain only the links to the information they want or need.

Key Components

In developing WebEOC Campus, we understand that organizations already have emergency preparedness plans in place. Cronin stresses the ability to activate only the components the organization finds value in. We also offer APIs that support integration with external systems if that’s the best path for you.

With that being said, WebEOC Campus is a full-featured solution that’s ready from day one to take on all your emergency preparedness needs.

Our WebEOC Campus solution is divided into the following components:

1.    Executive Summary

Your leadership uses this tool to keep track of ongoing organizational operations and safety updates for employees. Additionally, it’s also where the administration can keep stakeholders abreast of current emergencies happening on campus. These are pushed out automatically and accessible through the web and WebEOC app.

2.    Check-In With Health Summary

Use this health summary to keep track of your employees and their location. It confirms that employees (and their family members) haven’t been exposed to COVID-19. You can also use this for students as needed. This is a timely tool and one that needs to be addressed by all organizations.

3.    Facility Status

Personnel can track the status of facilities, PPE supplies, and other critical facility information. The status sheet is tabular and map-based.

4.    Contact Tracing

COVID-19 contact tracing on campus is one of the essentials to moving forward as an organization. Therefore, perhaps the most crucial WebEOC Campus component is the contact tracing module, which can be used to identify individuals with COVID-19 and track the persons they’ve come into contact with. Use the tool to conduct and track daily calls to those individuals during their isolation. Contact Tracing offers two pre-developed reports: The Personal Tracking Report that summarizes which stakeholders are being monitored and The Calls Report that lists calls conducted and those that remain to be tracked.

5.    Community Impacts Tracking

Your campus is part of a larger community. Use this tool to document events in the surrounding community that could affect your facilities and personnel.

6.    Twitter Monitoring

Social networking is an effective way to keep track of what others are saying about the pandemic. With our Twitter Monitoring tool, you can keep track of what authoritative organizations are saying online about the pandemic, such as the CDC and WHO.

7.    Template Based Checklists

Create and maintain pre-made and customized checklists to track the completion of tasks. These should be based on established plans, procedures, and industry best practices.

8.    File Library

Your leadership and staff alike can add important files here for others to access as needed. Use this as a repository for active plans and other vital documents. These are accessible from any device.

9.    ArcGIS COVID Dashboards

From here, you can access authoritative U.S. and worldwide dashboards that show active COVID-19 cases, deaths, and other important information.

10.    Juvare Exchange

Use Exchange to connect and share vital information with other customers and authoritative third-party data such as weather advisories and traffic conditions. Cronin explains that Exchange provides “visibility to what’s happening in the community.”

The Latest

Juvare continues to improve WebEOC based on client feedback and as requirements and best practices evolve. Our latest update is a public-facing health survey that your organization can use to collect data from students and other non-users. Place this survey on a public website, so it’s easy to reach. It’s a great way to track COVID-19 on campus.

It’s All Here

Our Campus solution is part of our more extensive WebEOC solution. At Juvare, we’re on a mission to strengthen and optimize information sharing and visualization and empower preparedness and response professionals to protect people, property, and brands.

To learn more about Juvare’s WebEOC Campus solution, see the entire webinar.

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